P2P in the World of Business


Though there are a lot of recognizable benefits in using P2P systems, the question arises as to how valuable they really are to businesses in their day-to-day running. File sharing is critically important within many industries. For the most part, a traditional sever is relied upon for these tasks.

The aspects that hold peer-to-peer systems back in the world of business are security issues and access capabilities. From a practical point of view, this means the business world needs to adopt and learn all the intricacies and pitfalls of P2P before fully implementing it.

On the plus side for business, there are advantages that the P2P systems offer. These include flexibility and less expense. The latter is a big point with any business, not least through reduced bandwidth costs. A company that can share its downloads (drivers, software, etc.) across thousands—possibly millions—of computers, has a serious saving in its cross hairs.

Thus, the concept of P2P being extensively used in the business world is not unthinkable, as there is already work being done to that end. Big names in the computing industry are showing an interest in peer-to-peer systems and they’re making positive steps in that direction.