Intranet Solutions to Retain Culture in a Peer-to-Peer System

Peer-to-peer systems have been hailed for their role in increased productivity and efficiency within workplaces. They enable sharing of information speedily and without the bureaucracy of a central command.

However, the systems have been criticized for their role in the demise of organizational culture. They kill the interaction between employees and employers and between employees themselves. This problem can be solved by embracing intranet use. It allows the P2P systems to thrive without killing the cultural aspects.

Expanded Interaction

Using intranet for small business operations expands interaction beyond just collaboration in the production chain. It brings the same to organizational governance, welfare, and even social interaction. For starters, it puts faces where only data can be shared. This is enabled through video conferencing.

Additionally, it creates a forum where team members can share information that is not related to work- concerns, compliments, suggestions, etc. The rise of intranet for small business operations helps to grow business culture without amplifying costs. If a small business can save on expenses like conferences and in-person training, it can afford a decent end-of-year party for its team members.

It is, however, important to emphasize the need to retain the human touch of businesses even when they use intranet solutions. Remember that the business caters to actual people, and it is real humans who make the system work. Where there are no inconveniences incurred, always remember to have in-person interactions.